This is so WONDERFUL!!!!! I purchased two bag fulls from you at the ASD show in Vegas last month and I’m getting to promote them on my website. I would like to use this story to promote the hangers. Also, I received my DVD in the mail last week. Thanks! Yolanda Allen Diva Jacks & Yogi Accessories
I just received the two necklace hangers and want to tell you how pleased I am with your product.  This is a present for my daughter and is exactly what we were looking for.  Your order was processed immediately, and the shipping information kept me up to date on when it would be here.  I am most impressed with your efficiency and also appreciate the vertical hangers you sent.  I’m sure you’ll be getting more orders when my granddaughters see these I’m giving their Mother.
Good luck with your business. Linda Toms.  Charlotte, N. C. 
QVC  Review  by  Cindy thru purchase on QVC Item # V31554
Just what I’ve been looking for
     “I love these. I bought those removable adhesive hooks and hung them behind my door. I used all four for necklaces and bracelets as I don’t need any more earring space.  These are wonderful. I can now hang each necklace on it’s own hook and I can see everything. No offense to Lori Grenier. I have her standing mirror jewelry box. But lets’ face it it dosn’t have a lot of necklace storage and if you put some of the wider necklaces in it it won’t close.
This is perfect. It’s just too bad I couldn’t give it ten stars because I would have.”
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5 out of 5
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    Stacy QVC Customer I had spoken to Laurie this evening, and I had told her how much I LOVE these innovative and fabulous products!
My closet in general, my necklaces (long & short), my earrings, ybelts are now perfectly organized thanks to you!! I am beyond pleased, and so grateful that I noticed this when  randomly turned on QVC one day. In additon to my closet turning into a more functional unit, my items that are neatly hanging on your phenomenal organizers are so easy to find! I no longer have to go on a treasure hunt to find the right belt, necklace, scarf or earrings.
Thank you for enabling me to have such wonderful products into my home. My mother,two aunts, 92 year old grandmother and a four friends whom I recommended it to as soon as I saw it air, all LOVE it and they thank me for introducing this to them.
I will continue to recommend this brilliant innovative product (s). I think I will buy some more to have in case I need a gift. I have some friends who live in a tiny apt in NYC who could definately use this as a space saver/ organizer. I will have to make more purchases vie QVC to buy several more of these. ANyway, I am sorry to go  on an on…it is just that I am so enthusiastic about this product which I have been looking for for many years. This fits the bill and more. I can\’t wait to write reviews for others to see..because people need to know how FANTASTIC THE PRODUCT IS! Thanks again, Stacey
The WOW Hanger has changed my jewelry from a jumbled, tangled mess, to an organized, easy to find collection. I can now grab some earrings or a necklace in seconds. I am so glad I found this product.  
Ricki Chambers – Los Angeles, CA Love, love, love my set of Jewelry hangers. I can see all my jewelry, earrings and bracelets. I plan on giving them as gifts for family and friends at Christmas. They are really easy to use!
Sue Webster – Salt Lake City, UT One of my favorite inventions from Wise Old Women is the clothes/bracelet hanger. I have 4 children and the hardest job I do is laundry. I can’t tell you how easy it is to hang at least 6 items if not more on a single vertical hanger, and the room it leaves in your closet is amazing. I can’t wait to get more. I would highly recommend these hangers to anyone who wants to make the laundry process easier and faster and to anyone who needs more room in their closet!
Angie Liefson – St. George, UT