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Wise Old Women

Wise Old Women Design is a small company that believes hard work pays off. One and a half years into this project with a lot of work our simple jewelry hangers are becoming a big seller.

We spent the past year traveling to several Women’s trade shows across the U.S.A. proving the concept of our product.

In January 2012, QVC found WOW Hangers and gave us a chance to air our products.  The Wow Jewelry Hanger was a big hit. QVC has sold out of our products. QVC placed another order in March, however due to the success of the ASD Las Vegas Show, we decided to take our company in another direction and are currently selling them in Independent Hallmark stores, and boutiques throughout the USA and Canada. Many thanks to the people and customers of QVC!

This March we went to the ASD trade show in Las Vegas. This was the first show we went to of it’s kind. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but what we found was this idea was sucessful. We found new customers to carry our product in their stores throughout the country. It felt really good to say we are a made in the USA product. So many people really supported us because of this. From small boutiques, hair salons, gift shops, and many other types of stores. All of these buyers are independent owners of their stores and were able to see value and potential in our product. Many, many thanks for all the great people we met at ASD in March, and we are here to support their stores now. This is a new direction for us and we are happy to be learning something new!

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The WOW Jewelry Hanger Story

A couple of years ago I was working on a simpler way to see and organize my jewelry. I tried many different types of jewelry organizers, boxes and stands. What I discovered is what you have discovered, nothing really worked that well. These products are expensive and take up to much room on the vanity. I used them for many years, but my necklaces still got tangled and I lost earrings. Instead of having a jewelry box I had a Treasure Chest!

I thought up this idea and took a shot at getting it made. After several meetings with family, an engineer, a machinist, a local plastic injection molding and a die cutting company, and a simple “help wanted” ad looking for those willing to take on industrial sewing machines, I can proudly say this product is made using quality materials here in the USA !

madeInUSA About Us

Our Jewelry Organizer Systems are designed to look like wrought iron and to display your jewelry in an accessible and decorative fashion. Hang them on the wall, behind a door, or in the closet… the WOW Jewelry Hanger is functional and beautiful wherever it is displayed. It’s just a jewelry organizing system that holds all of your jewelry. Now you can organize and see all of your necklaces, earrings, brooches and pins. It is simple and inexpensive. It works great… Problem solved!